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Transform Your Home: House Renovation Services in North York and the Great Toronto Area

Is your home calling for repairs, or are you tired of the way your interiors look and function?  Evo Tech Construction can help you renovate your home and add all the modern utilities you envision. With our house renovation services in North York and the Great Toronto Area, you can personalize your home as per your choice and lifestyle. From floor to ceiling, we can help you with custom renovation. Since 2012, we have worked for several residential clients and have helped them enhance the ambience of their space.

Why Is Renovating Your House a Great Idea?

With professional renovation contractors like us, renovating your space can be a lot of fun. We love to hear your ideas and can help you understand the limitless possibilities you have. Renovation, in general, offers a lot of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why renovation is a good choice for your home:

It can improve the value of your house.

You will get improved functionality.

Gives a fresh new look.

You can use the space in a better and more efficient way.

Newer and better material, along with a smart design, can help you lower your energy bills.

Have you made a decision yet? Contact us today to get a quote for your renovation plans. You can also ask any questions that you may have, and we will gladly answer them.

Our House Renovation Projects

Unit 1707, 65 Spring Garden, North York

Description: Kitchen, restroom and internal refurbishment of an existing condo unit

7 Bunker Road, Mackee, North York

Description: Internal refurbishment and removal of a few walls to change an old house to a very modern space

Unit 101, 801, 5460 Yonge Street

Description: Internal refurbishment of existing apartment

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We can help you fix and reconstruct your space for a new look with our services.

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